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Cherise Sinclair By, Cherise Sinclair
  • Overall size: 35. 85" x 24" x 34. 25
  • Features padded handle for convenient maneuvering. Textured platform surface help prevents cargo from slipping off the cart. Bumper along the edge minimize damages
  • fit type: Universal Fit
  • 📦【Wide Range of Application】The portable push cart helps you to easily load and unload items in different places, such as restaurant, garage, office and so on. Our flatbed cart can be a good assistant for luggage transporting, warehouse handing, home handing, garden use, etc.
  • 📦【Compact & Foldable Design】Folding design helps you to easily transport and store it. You can step on the bottom bar and push the handle to fold it into compact size, which won’t occupy too much space. After folding, it’s ideal for limited room or corner. Besides, you can also put the folded cart in trunk and carry it anywhere.
  • 📦【More User-friendly Design】Protective baffle ensures better strength and prevents goods from falling off the cart. Reinforced connection enhances overall stability and makes it not easy to collapse. In addition, rounded safety corners avoid accidental scratches, adding more security.
  • THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB: We engineer a range of bolt cutters, clamps, chisels, folding carts, hammers, pliers, saws, screwdrivers, tape measures, utility knives, vises, bolt cutters, saws & wrenches.
  • SUPERIOR INSTRUMENTS: Olympia Tools provides quality & innovative hand & specialty tools, tool accessories & outdoor equipment for construction, woodworking, mechanical maintenance & home repair.
  • PLATFORM TRUCK PUSH DOLLY: The Olympia Tools Folding Platform Cart features all-steel construction, a wraparound rubber bumper, and a textured vinyl deck. Its oversized wheels and swivel casters provide easy maneuverability.
  • 【Multi-scene use】It is very suitable for home, shopping, picnic, tools, gardening, warehouses, transport, etc. To a great extent, it solves your troubles of transportation, no longer time-consuming and laborious
  • 【Folding design】The car can be quickly folded and opened. After folding, it can be easily placed in the trunk of the car or in a narrow place at home, saving space and convenient to carry.
  • 【Sturdy and durable】The Dolly Cart is made of carbon steel and has a stable body. The wheels are made of iron-core rubber wheels instead of plastic, which greatly improves the load-bearing capacity of the cart. 2 360-degree guide wheels and 2 straight wheels greatly improve the flexibility of the platform truck.
  • 【ANTI-SLIP TECHNOLOGY】: The surface of the push cart dolly has a non-slip texture design, no worry the goods will be scratched during transportation, ensuring that the load remains safe. The surface of the wheels is covered with TPR rubber to ensure smooth movement on any surface.
  • 【EASY TO TRANSPORT】: Equipped with two 360-degree swivel wheels,and two directional wheels, this small flatbed cart can easy movement in any direction,and offer secure and seamless transportation for your goods.
  • 【COMPACT & FOLDING PLATFORM TRUCK】: The moving cart is collapsible, feature designed with a fold-down handle, one step to fold it flat for easy storage and space-saving,you can put the push cart in your car trunk and carry it everywhere,and put is in the closet, and anywhere in the house or in the backyard.
  • DURABLE & BEAUTIFUL PAINTING : ,Beautiful Painting , Large loading capacity. And the whole frame is resisting rust, and scratch. which is not easy out of shape.
  • LARGE SUPPORT CAPACITY: Ensuring to hold large amount of cargo, which won’t slip backwards and will arrive safely to where it needs to be. Designed with large weight capacity, it is perfect for moving with many items.
  • COMPACT & FOLDABLE - We designed a functional platform push cart that can be tucked away for easy storage, ready and available for when you need it. Simply fold down the padded handle in seconds to lay flush on the platform and your cart is ready to stowaway whenever, wherever.
  • R-Trac tires ride smoothly with excellent traction, like pneumatic tires without the hassle of upkeep or repair
  • Featured in college engineering textbooks for its outstanding design
  • Instantly transforms into 8 different shapes, replacing 8 different cart types

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Do you desire to recognize how to choose items? Before choosing an item, you need to think about a number of aspects. The product category, for circumstances, is important considering that certain items will perform better than others, based on your requirements.

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Cherise Sinclair By, Cherise Sinclair